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Transportation and Distribution

Our fleet of over 250 vehicles coupled with our transportation specialists has given us the edge when it comes to transporting material for our clients. Load optimisation techniques with accurate route planning enables us to provide our end customer the best possible delivery lead-time reduction and efficiency. From point of origin to the end user, we assist in planning and implementing the control procedures for forward and reverse movement of goods, GST e-way bill preparation, and loading / unloading activities., making us a one stop integrated logistics solutions provider clients can depend on.

We handle transportation of materials from warehouses to smaller warehouses / retailers / customers and delivering it on time is a mission critical activity in any supply chain.

We provide a full-time experienced consultant to ensure availability of sufficient vehicles and smooth transactions. Our clients can also avail a specially trained loading team to ensure faster turnaround of vehicles while also following all recommended safety guidelines.

We capitalise on latest technology to offer more value-added services to our clients. GPS facility to track the vehicle’s movement and on the spot SMS intimation to dealers / distributors on dispatch of materials and delivery status are part of our transport and distribution solutions. This ensures supply confirmation from dealers are received in time and submitted to the company immediately. Security of material is of utmost importance to us and our crew is trained to handle cargo with due seriousness.