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Caspian Logistics LLP.

Caspian Logistics LLP is your single window end-to-end logistics partner with a diverse portfolio of services in distribution, logistics and transportation across South India. Innovation and cutting-edge technology are the core strengths that enables us to provide services par excellence to our esteemed clients.

Caspian Logistics handles all your transport requirements from the point of origin to the end user. We assist in planning and implementing the control procedures for forward and reverse movement of goods, GST e-way bill preparation and loading / unloading activities.

Our fleet of over 250 vehicles coupled with our transportation specialists has given us the edge when it comes to transporting material for our clients. We have expertise in Primary, Secondary, Milk Run Model, Last Mile Deliveries and Reverse Logistics.

Presently we serve several frontline companies across sectors like Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Telecom, FMCG, Automotive, E-Commerce, Retail etc. Our dedicated fleet with experienced staff will provide hassle-free material handling and transportation to our clients with the best possible reduction in delivery lead times.