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Collective Coworks (CoCo)

Coworking is slated to be the future of the corporate culture and Collective Coworks (CoCo) is ahead of the curve in Kerala. With an international design appeal and topnotch facilities, CoCo’s work environment exudes passion and energy. You can now collaborate with like-minded people and companies, thereby increasing productivity and teamwork.

Collective Coworks is the perfect home for freelancers, digital drifters and start-ups of any kind. CoCo’s lifeblood is building a community that collaborates and grows together; that celebrates diversity and encourages an enjoyable work environment. You can now offer your employees wide latitude to work in our open-ended spaces.

With the government actively promoting co-working, the post-COVID work scenario will warrant a limit on personnel. With no additional investments, co-working immediately works in sync with your economies for space, making it ideal for anything from start-ups to bigger infra companies.

Situated right near the Infopark, CoCo offers workspace solutions for all types of business needs. With an open floor plan of over 14,000sq.ft., every corner of the space has been carefully designed and is connected in an artful scheme, which seamlessly flows into one another.

At CoCo, collaboration is the name of the game, making it the perfect solution for tomorrow’s growing demands today.